970 standard era: Orlandi Migration from Antenora to Freeman’s Cape

1000se: Elvish Migration from Nalsur across the River Glamis. The city of Sordello is established on the opposite riverbank

1000-1015se: 1st Orc Wars, Orc tribes scatter to Secura Mountains and Blackwoods

1030se: Glamis Treaty establishes trade alliance among Nalsur, Sordello, and the new city of Florizel. The new elven cities are now independent from Nalsur.

1040se: Freetown established on the border of the Blackwoods. Freetown reluctantly allied with the Elven Cities

1063se: The Striped Treaty secures alliance and partnership between the Morgans and the Marsh Orcs

1070se: Wygrievian Unification

1070-1072se: The War for Human Sovereignty pushes nonhuman raiders to the northern Black Pockets and the western Shrouded Hills

1090se: Treaty of York outlines alliance between Wygrievia and the Deadlands

1150se: On 150yr anniversary of Elvish Migration the city of Prospera is established
The elven cities are prosperous and closely aligned but not unified in the way of the Wygrievian cities

1200se: First reports of Orcish unification in the Secura Mountains

1205se: Settlers from Wygrievia establish Voland at the western edge of the Secura Mountains

1215se: Orcs retake the north-central plains. Voland is burned to the ground and orcs begin building a new capital in the ashes. Humans must leave or incorporate, but no elf is allowed to remain.

1216se: Orcish kingdom of Kohlauggen declared & the elven cities unify to establish the kingdom of Fife


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