The Trigalt (Elves)

The elves of Nalsur and Fife worship a trinity of gods who particularly emphasize the holy power of the land, of magic, and of knowledge.

The Conduit is the lady of wilderness—a lover of wild things, wild places, and wild mages. She is a patron of magical experimentation. Her followers and temples are most often found outside the capitals and cities. She is usually depicted as a hand or a set of eyes peeking out through a many-colored portal.

The Giant is the presiding god of the Fey. He is a patron of fey magic and art and the revered god of Minsgorod. He appeals to those who prefer primal or fey magic over the chaotic magic of the Tamer. He is often depicted as a moving tree or as a giant overgrown with plant life.

The Scribe is the god of knowledge and skill. He has temples throughout the major holds and cities of Nalsur and Fife, where he is seen as a balancing force for his wilder allies, the Giant and the Codnuit. The Scribe is often represented as a many-armed elf, with each arm representing a different race along with one mysteriously beetle-like claw.

The Trigalt (Elves)

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