Tieflings are a peculiar subrace of humans originating from the hotspring lands of Wygrievia around the cities of York and Rho’s Keep. They’ve established settlements of their own in the edges of these lands but in urban spaces, Tieflings are treated as second class citizens and often dwell in wretched conditions. This has caused many to risk dangerous journeys to the continent. There are tiefling hubs in Morganshold as well as some in the elven cities (where they are frequently treated just as badly as they were in the human cities). Many Tieflings are also interested in migrating to the new orcish kingdom where they see any ally in the orcs who have been similarly aggrieved in the past.

Dwarves and Goliaths originate in the Black Pockets mountain range in the northeast of the Island of Antenora. Some goliath and dwarven tribes have also sprung up in the Secura Mountains though they have not been heard from since the Fey force took over.

Dragonborns are an especially rare race whose origins are unknown, though some say they are the result of a unnatural experimentation by a shadowy organization of magic users. Dragonborns are not unheard of, but they often cause a stir when spotted and some view them as unnatural constructs.

Gnomes and Other Fey Races often range out of the deep forests of Nalsur and the Ancient Empire in the East. There are even some descendants of the ancient elves that still venture out of these forests (equivalent to Aasimar/Deva).


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