Orcs are said to have once been the dominant race of the central and western continent. But 200 years ago, after the incursions of the elves of the eastern Nalsurn Empire and of the humans from the northern island, the orcish peoples, long divided by clan loyalties and their own independent natures, have dwindled to their last refuges, all places not yet coveted by the greedy invaders. For the past centuries, the orcs huddled in three great freeholds where tribes gather in relative safety—the Orcish Marshes near Morganshold, the Blackwoods forest south of the River Cumbra, and the Secura Mountains at the northern tip of the continent.

While the human and elven cities declare petty lordships wherever they set a foot, the orcish freeholds (with the notable exception of the mountain orcs) showed no central leadership outside of the many tribes that promise to maintain peace in their remaining homes. So, while the elves and humans threaten one another over land, were long considered toothless.

However, the Mountain Orcs surprised the world with their sudden establishment of an orcish kingdom. Orcs are not meant for mountain life, contrary to most elvish fairy tales, so it makes sense that these clans longed most for their lost lands.They were notoriously hostile toward scouts and privateers ranging into their land, so few stories reached the ears of the elves until the mountain orcs organized a central force that retook a vast swath of their old lands. The force was initially led by a mysterious Red King in the mountains and is now led by two brothers Balzu and Weyloc Zworn. Their new kingdom of Kohlauggen frightens the elves to the south, and no one, the orcs least of all, knows whether to remain peaceful and build on the new status quo or range out to fight for new lands.

The Forest Orcs, unlike their mountain brethren, are weakened by disunion and disparate clan alliances, and while some tribes still dream of reclaiming their land, there is little threat (or hope) of an orcish resurgence in the south due to the clampdown from the elven city of Florizel.

The Marsh Orcs had already dwindled due to multiple plagues before the first humans landed on the northwestern peninsula. They’ve remained close allies with the Morgans and though they have been more isolationist than any orcish peoples, they’ve begun to hope for an alliance with the mountain orcs who are spreading so close to their home.


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