This central region of the main continent was once ruled by various orc tribes, but as soon as the elves first migrated across the River Glamis 200 years ago, the tribes were scattered and the elves established their trade cities, one after the other.

Sordello was first established across the river from the Nalsurn city of Koryova. The “golden city” of Florizel followed soon after, taking advantage of its rich location at the bend of the River Cumbra to become a hub of commerce. To its south is the rugged collection of towns clustered outside of the Blackwoods, creating the collective known as Freetown. Here dwell the elves who seek to even further distance themselves from the old kingdom. Though not officially a part of the elven alliance, the elves have tried to assert more pressure on the free people and tribes of the Blackwoods, which has resulted in a few violent revolts to be put down, especially of the orcs of the Blackwoods who long to join their mountain brethren to the north.

Prospera is the youngest, and perhaps most vulnerable city now that the new orcish kingdom has been declared so near.

The three cities only aligned recently as a response to the orcish “invasion” in the north. The alliance is untested however, and each city is known for securing her own interests first. Sordello has been petitioning the disinterested Nalsurn empire to reabsorb and protect them. Florizel has been bogged down trying to tame the Blackwoods. Prospera is torn between hawkish calls to attack the orcs or wait for peace, though both sides are unsure whether they can count on the other cities for aid.


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