The Unending Night

Session 2: Visiting Family

After passing the river test and gaining the trust of the Tiirg clan of orcs, you returned to the village only to find it a burning mosh of star-crazed zombies. Seems an “infestation” spread quickly from the sick hut while you were gone. The dying Chief Longtooth passed on a scroll to deliver to the leader of Morganshold, but first you rushed to the center of the village to deal with the chief bad guy, a purple, tentacle-faced creature who seemed unfazed by the battle. Even when you felled the creature, he managed to reappear, reanimating a nearby corpse.

Rather than fighting the whole village, you fled back into the swamp. You were able to escape these star-touched monsters, but in the process, you stumbled into the territory of Enoch’s witchy aunties, Borba and Yerza. The two declared claimed that they now owned your bodies until you each purchased them back with a tooth from Lord Gator. Rather than slipping out of the swamp and hoping the aunties wouldn’t send later adventurers out to reclaim you, you decided to pay the price, and so you traveled to Mudglut Hill.

After dispatching two Bulettes, blinding Lord Gator, and extracting six teeth, you chose to let the great beast be. You took your trophies back to the aunties and bought back your freedom as well as some prizes of questionable worth.

Session 1: River People

In our first session, each of you found yourselves lost in the orcish marsh soon after the sun set and failed to rise again. Nearly a week into the long night, you were rounded up by members of the Tiirg Clan who had imposed a travel ban during the uncertainty of this long night.

You were all brought before Chief Longtooth, the massive yet wizened leader of the Tiirg tribe, who informed you that Orlandi spies had gotten even this far north to plague his people. He offered you a pass if you executed the tribe exile Enoch and the suspected Orlandi spy Ardic. You refused, and so you were tested by the water spirit at the bottom of the river. You had a series of visions and each of you managed to avoid blatant lies to pass the test.

So you blasted out of the river and made your way back to the village, no longer captives.



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